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EMP Awareness & Preparation Resources

an extended blackout will be catastrophic...

What is an EMP? - "EMP" is shorthand for an electromagnetic pulse. An EMP is a short burst, or pulse,  of electromagnetic energy.  This pulse can be natural or man-made. An EMP of high intensity damages electronic devices and if of sufficient strength is capable of producing massive power outages or blackouts.  As a result of an EMP, most electrical devices would fail, most automobiles would cease to work, critical infrastructure including water, cell phones, banking  and information technology would shut down.

Most importantly, an EMP would permanently destroy electrical transmission systems. These systems could take months or years to be repaired. During this time large areas of the U.S. would be without even the most basic services.  Human losses would be catastrophic.


EMP Awareness - This recently launched site will be adding numerous resources and tools to help our visitors become more knowledgeable of EMPs and what you may do to try to prepare for the possibility of an extended power disruption.



EMP Checklists

  • Cash - Who Needs It?
  • Water & Food
  • Shelter, Lighting & Heat
  • Medications & First Aid Supplies
  • Communications
  • Security
  • Personal Dccuments